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Lead Management System

The Lead Management system’s primary role is to identify potential leads, i.e. people or organizations, who might be interested in taking their services. Leads play a very important role in business development as they are the ones who appear to be interested and can become potential customers in the future. So, this process involves being in contact with them regularly, taking updates, exchange of information, and many more. So, this process requires proper documentation of the numbers, emails or the content that is being shared between the leads. So, here is what PHP CRM lead management system comes into picture where we can store all the data related to this process like the recorded calls, phone numbers of the leads, email addresses and any other information. This is the key step to business growth. View more..

Opportunity Management system

Opportunity Management system is the next step after the lead management system. Till now we only know people or organizations who might be interested, but we are not sure that they would be really interested. But in this process, we have some leads with us who appear to be interested, and we are pretty sure that they’ll surely become our customers but they need a few more clarifications and doubt clearings. So, Opportunity management system is used to save and manage the data related to such leads, whom we feel that they’ll surely become our customers, and this is where the sales process takes the speed. View more..

Customer Management System

All the interactions and communications between the existing, previous, and future customers are taken into consideration by a Customer Management system. It is basically the primary source of building relationships between the service provider and the customers. It is like an interface that allows to manage and access the information of all types of customers and provide necessary solutions to them in a more effective way. View more..

Appointment Management System

Communications have to take place between the customer and the service provider where both of them should be aware of the timings and schedule of events. So, this is where Appointment Management Steam plays a role; it is used to schedule online events, meetings beforehand with all the necessary information, where the customers themselves can choose the slot and timings as per their preference. It also acts as a reminder at notifying the scheduled appointments. It also has feature to add the reviews, feedbacks or outcomes of the meeting done. View more..

File Management System

The File Management system is used for record-keeping purposes. It is maintained in such a way that any data or information about a particular customer can be easily retrieved and worked upon.  It helps in the proper storage of files, retrieval. We can add, create or retrieve files using dropbox, google drive, etc. View more..

Quotation Management System

Quotation management system involves documents containing items and their respective prices which are allotted by the seller to the customers. This module helps in the creation of quotations, emailing them to the clients, saving them. View more..

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Invoice Management System

Invoice management system is basically used for keeping track of and managing customer invoices. It is used for activity management. We can create, manage, download, send multiple invoices to the customers. View more..

Expense Management System

Expense management system is used to keep track of all the expenses of the organization where there is no need of manual efforts as it automatically computes everything when entered into it. View more..

Inventory Management System

It is basically like a warehouse where all the information about the products is kept like the stocked products, its raw material, ordered items, etc. View more..

User Management System

It is used for the management of the staff. Creation or addition of a person or the staff details, it also manages the access related data, like who all have access to different sections of the organizations like a person from Inventory management will not have access to lead management system. View more..

Customer Helpdesk System

It is a system where customers can approach for inquiries, feedback, and reviews. This system provides a medium for interaction with them and helps in resolving their issues. View more..

Accounting Report System

Accounting report system is responsible for handling the financial records of the organization. It keeps the data of the profits, losses and thus helps in preparing financial reports of the organization. View more..

GST Tax Management System

This system involves calculation of the tax that the customers have to pay on the product. It automatically calculates the GST amount associated with a particular product that the customer has to pay in addition to the amount. View more..

SMS, Email Notification

This module is used to send the customers message related to invoice, appointments through the mail, or by text message, it also has the feature to pre-schedule the messages and it’ll be sent at that time and day. View more..

CRM Software Security

It is the most important system as it helps in thefts and malicious activities by either recognizing it before happening or resolving it when a security issue takes place. It protects the files, the data of the customers so that no unintended person gets access to it. View more..

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