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PHP CRM Script is free crm software system which is based open source language PHP & MySQL. PHP CRM Script facilitate admin to manage customers, leads, invoices, estimates, proposals, expenses, products, support tickets, taxes and many more advanced crm features.

What is PHP CRM Script ?

“PHP CRM Script“ is PHP & MySQL based free online crm system. you can download “PHP CRM Script” in download section and upload in your server – everything is free.

Who can use PHP CRM  Script?

“PHP CRM Script“ can be used by anyone according to their suitability. “PHP CRM Script“ can be use by either company or developer’s for his customer.

Why PHP CRM Script ?

“PHP CRM Script“  is developed by experienced developers group. we are here since last 1 decade and  always update crm script in specific time interval.

PHP CRM Script is excellent tool for organizations to automate the need to prepare sales reports, customer reports and manage sales leads. The success of your company depends on making strong sales that drive revenue. Leads generated by marketing guys somehow fall through the cracks and are never followed up by the sales guy if the process is tough and time consuming.


Lead Management

In “PHP CRM Script” admin can create unlimited lead and send them to pdf proposals.

Customer Management

Admin or Staff can create and manage customers, calls, appointment, contacts, documents, invoices, proposals, estimates and support tickets.

Invoice Management

Admin or Staff  can create unlimited invoices and send them to their customers.

Product Management

Admin or Users can create products and able to assign them to category.

Expenses Management

Staff or Admin can add all expenses in crm script.

Support Ticket Management

Admin or Staff or Customer can create tickets and send them to related departments.

PHP Free CRM Script - Open Source CRM Script - Free PHP CRM Software

PHP CRM Script is a widely used product with many customers. It has a vibrant community of users driving the product forward, and contributing to it’s development. Every company requirements are unique, and require customized solutions. Typically all those requirements can be categorized into customer management, sales management, quotation and invoice management. CRM need to focus on customers and free php crm script does that with a powerful support system that helps you find and resolve issues quickly. With free  crm script or php crm script you can assign reminders to yourself, or your staff members and with just one click, reminders can be sent as an email.
“PHP CRM Script” is PHP and MySQL based free crm script which give facility to manage customers, sales, leads,  quotations, appointments, invoices, support ticket management and many more. You can send invoice or quotation to your customer in either simple HTML or PDF mode.


Free Customer Relationship Management Script - Free CRM Script

Businesses that do not use CRM have the same strategic approach to marketing, selling, and supporting their customers. This approach does not work for all the cases and for the long-term business of the company.With the help of CRM script, you can have a different approach for different cases and you can help and support your customers in a better way which increases customer satisfaction, and retention. Businesses that use CRM have to employ more customer empathy during every stage of the customer experience. It is widely accepted that using crm script and leads to increased customer satisfaction during marketing, sales, and customer service, and ultimately to the stronger profitability of the organisation. PHP CRM Script is a free open source crm script that helps businesses focus more on its customer with the use of the internet. It makes a database of customers which stores all of the information, about them. This means contact details, documents, calendar events, deals, phone and email conversations, and more. It then contains a set of tools to make the process smooth through marketing, sales, and support, and to monitor each customer as they do so. Customer facing teams can then use the CRM script to get the details of each customer, communicate with them, plan and manage their customer-facing work, and even repeated tasks automatically.

Sales teams use CRM scripts to manage the entire sales process. They can group, and sort their sales and contacts by source, region, industry and any other information, and get the contact’s details in just a few clicks. If they’re ready to start a deal, they can create the deal, and track the progress through the CRM script. On getting the customers’ record and on deal internal messaging ensure that sales teams can collaborate more effectively with less work.
Marketers use crm scripts for many things. They can automatically store website forms and email, or just upload lists to crm script to get contacts into the database. crm scripts can help in running a campaign and track performance, like running email campaigns inside and track engagement inside the crm. Make your marketing automatic with our email Marketing.
Support teams manage a many channel support with CRM script which automatically creates and allows tickets from communications that come in different channels, like email, phone, website chat. They can route and assign tickets to agents on customer priority. Once a ticket is assigned, an agent can communicate with customers. CRM script ensures that no ticket goes unanswered, and the process is smooth and the customers are satisfied.

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