Event Lead Capture Software

Event Lead Capture Software

Event lead capture software is an emerging category of software, designed to help exhibitors at trade shows, congresses, and other events capture good quality leads from their events, and integrate them with their existing systems, ready for follow-up.

Event lead capture connects your sales and marketing with your events. Integrate Events Event Lead Capture provides a universal lead capture solution to use at all your events, to bring events out of their silo and join them up with your existing technology stack.

The event lead capture software enables you to attract your leads and identify how best you can cater to their needs before someone else does. You can capture, score, and track your leads using this software for you to stay ahead of the game. The software enables you to transform your leads into sales.

It processes like collecting business cards, scanning event badges, or filling in paper forms are disconnected from the tools and technology sales and marketing teams use every day, to nurture and follow-up with leads. This means lots of manual data entry, slow follow-up, and missed sales opportunities.

Event Management Software is a very broad category and I think to properly understand it, it’s best to break it down into subcategories. Depending on what you do, it’s most likely you’ll use some combination of these. For example, our company, Event capture software can provide a lead capture system, but within that, we have catering management, event planning, CRM, and more. We are what a hotel, venue, or restaurant would use to run their business.

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