Lead Capture form on WordPress

Lead Capture form on WordPress

A Lead capture form is a form that asks a viewer to submit their email address before they can see your flipbook. It allows you to collect leads right within your flipbook. By adding a lead capture form, you can track who accesses your content and how they interact with it.

In most CRM systems, the term lead capture form designates a process of saving lead information to attempt converting the lead to a paying customer. An example of a lead capture page or a lead capture form is a newsletter subscription or a quote request form on a website.

A lead capture form is a web form meant for capturing emails and other information of potential customers. The most common types of lead generation forms include contact forms, registration forms, and simple newsletter signup forms.

A lead capture form is a contact form that is created to collect information from visitors. This is with the hope that you can convert them into a customer. Lead contact forms come in many shapes and sizes. And when built with conversions in mind, a contact form can easily become a successful lead capture form.

A lead capture form on WordPress is a marketing tool that serves one specific and crucial purpose: to gain contact information from your site’s visitors. Typically, your lead capture form will offer some promotion or piece of content (which are called lead magnets) in exchange for a name, email address, or whatever other contact information you need.

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